The challenge:

To organise the traditional Global Risks MAPFRE International Conference that every 2 years is held in Spain with clients from all over the world, but online and for more than 3,500 people in 39 different countries. We reconverted the agenda, the contents, and we innovated on the format of the classic event broadcast via streaming.


How #wemakethedifference:

The winning proposal was based on a virtual stage design using XR technology on a giant LED screen, which improved the experience of the chroma keynote both in realism and in the experience of the speaker, with a stage design that also allowed the integration of all the video conferences planned for the round tables, thus facilitating a semi-presential format on stage that provided proximity to the content. AR elements were also included for the individual presentations of the results. Furthermore, all of this with express set-up and adaptation of all the designs to MAPFRE’s official broadcasting platform, as well as the implementation of a communication campaign through teaser videos sent in different reminders in 3 different languages. And all this, moderated by Nico de Vicente, presenter of the Sports section on TVE.



Great impact on the call with more than 3,500 registered participants all over the world, a broadcast on 2 consecutive days with a massive connection and great viewing of the contents on demand afterwards. High quality videoconference connections with Latin America and great reception from all international clients of MAPFRE Global Risks.