The challenge:
To communicate in an interactive, dynamic and visual way Dyson’s new products, connecting with 3 different venues and keeping the audience active throughout the session.


How #wemakethedifference:
We sent boxes all over Spain where, along with a small snack, they found elements that would allow interaction during the event. When we plan a virtual event, we always recommend that it doesn’t last more than 2 hours, so that we don’t lose the public’s attention. In this case, due to all the information we had to present, it was a 4 hour session, where despite the duration, we managed to keep the audience engaged and with a high level of interaction. Using a modern and straight stage design, together with the backdrop of the new Dyson shop in Barcelona, we managed to capture the attention of all the attendees. We count on a master of ceremonies who followed our storytelling, and making changes of presenters to make the day more dynamic.


The results:
A dedicated, fun, dynamic and interactive audience during the whole session and a very satisfied client with all the management and dynamization of the event.