The challenge:
To hold for the first time 100% virtually one of the most important national innovation and digitalisation events, the Accenture Digital Conference 7, with the intervention of more than 15 CEOs of large national and international companies in a face-to-face manner in an immersive environment, and dividing the call into 2 days of 2 hours each.


How #wemakethedifference:
We transformed the traditional “cube” of #ADC7 into an immersive event in chroma key format, with a 100% customised virtual plate for Accenture and live from a professional set of more than 170m2, including augmented and virtual reality, live participation and camera tracking to achieve more realism in the shots and production. All of this was broadcast from a private website and with a personalised communication process and technical assistance, which also included an on-demand a la carte on-demand content section.



High participation on the part of the speakers at the round tables, as well as the virtual attendees, with a larger public attendance than in the physical edition. A perfect camera set-up with the tracing as a differential factor and a content format divided into 2 days of round tables with current topics for the business world.