FACEBOOK @ CdeC 2020

The challenge:

To transfer Facebook’s physical presence at the conference ‘Los Días C 2020’, organised by the Club de Creativos, to a virtual format in which we managed to communicate the news of the different Facebook brands (Instagram, Facebook, Messenger and Whatsapp) among the advertising creative audience, generating experiences that would increase engagement with them.


How #wemakethedifference:

We developed a virtual environment (the Facebook Zone) in a fully customised avatar world in which we included different areas for each of the brands in record time. In addition, to communicate the launch of Instagram Reels tool, we developed a Reels School with didactic videos where attendees learnt the tricks of this new tool, subsequently inviting attendees to participate in a Reels contest through the Instagram profile @aupacdec where the most creative had a prize. We also connected with the creative community by collaborating with CdeC in the action ‘Conversations with…’ in which a small number of people had private conversations with some of the most important creatives on the advertising scene.



More than 600 virtual attendees accessed the Facebook Zone, with an average time spent of 10 minutes. The innovative avatar format attracted the attention of the trade press, resulting in coverage like never before, with appearances in major media such as Forbes.

The Instagram profile @aupacdec got organically around 800 visits and thanks to user engagement we got more than 27,000 impressions and 540 interactions.